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The Heraldo de Aragón newspaper reports on IDE's continued expansion.

Accueil | Nouvelles | The Heraldo de Aragón newspaper reports on IDE's continued expansion.
  March 21, 2024

At IDE, we remain strongly committed to growth while maintaining a focus on quality. We are particularly proud of our team's efforts.


News 20/3/2024

IDE Electric pulls on industry to increase sales to 55 million euros

Last year, the company centralized the production of electrical cabinets and sockets in Zuera. As a result, 50% of the manufactured products were exported, while the remaining 50% were sold in the domestic market.

The deployment of renewable energy sources, but above all the industrial sector, continues to sustain the growth of IDE Electric company in Zuera. This company stands out in Aragon as its administrators are all women, and the management team has full gender parity.

Raquel Montañés, together with her sister Beatriz, runs the business founded by their father, Alfonso Montañés, in 1987. The company is celebrating its 37th anniversary this April and has weathered crises and adverse circumstances with sustained growth. In 2023, sales reached 55.6 million, a 10% increase from the previous year's 51.4 million, despite the context of instability.

IDE's turnover is divided equally between the domestic market, where it has a presence in all sectors from automotive to hydraulic pumps and sanitary, and exports.

IDE's turnover is split equally between the domestic market and exports. The company manufactures electrical cabinets, boxes, and sockets at its Zuera plant, which has undergone recent expansion. IDE sells its products to companies throughout Europe, Australia, and Chile.

"While the rate of growth in renewables has slowed down, IDE remains a major player in the industry. The growth of photovoltaic plants has slowed down in Germany and Spain due to cheaper gas and electricity costs, causing a decline in investments. So the growth comes mainly from the industrial sector", says Montañés, who recalls that the first employee in this family business was a woman who is still on the staff.

Of the 3.5 million investment plan being executed until the beginning of 2025, a portion is allocated for machinery incorporation, digitalisation, and process certification. The achievement is a testament to the team's great effort. This year, the team achieved four new certifications in environmental management, information security, occupational health and safety, and criminal compliance.

Montañés explains that they have also introduced a new line of plastic enclosures for the tertiary sector, enabling them to compete with larger companies.

Despite facing pandemics, supply shortages, high levels of inflation, and serious problems with gas prices over the last four years, they expect to continue growing, although 2024 remains uncertain. However, she calls for more effective control of inflation by the EU and a stronger commitment to electric cars in Europe, accompanied by necessary investments in infrastructure in Spain. "We must find a way to continue growing in markets and employment as we always have, together and as a team," she concludes.

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