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Thermal Management

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  July 15, 2021

We present a complete range of Thermal Management for a greater protection of your panels

Control of the temperature inside the electrical cabinets is a fundamental factor for lengthening the service life and correct operation of the electrical and electronic appliances installed inside.

A perfect air conditioning system for forestalling temperature fluctuations which could damage the equipment, preventing overheating and the formation of condensation.

The correct choice of temperature control appliances is essential for guaranteeing the correct operation of our electrical panels.

For this reason, for a greater protection of your panels, at IDE Electric we offer you a complete range of Thermal Management: fans, grilles with and without filter, heating elements, conditioners and exchangers, as well as regulation elements such as thermostats, hygrostats and hygrotherms for better control of both heating, cooling or humidity.

Check all the details in the catalog available on our website