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Ethics Channel

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IDE is fully committed to the highest ethical standards and regulatory compliance in its relationships with all its partners, employees, collaborators, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in all its activities.

IDE makes available to its members and any interested party its Ethics Channel to communicate confidentially, and even anonymously, any suspicion or knowledge of conduct, actions or omissions committed by a member of IDE in the exercise of their duties that constitute a violation of the Code of Conduct:

  • Infringement of European Union law (legal infringement);
  • Serious or very serious criminal or administrative infringement:
  • Any breach of the values, guidelines or rules of conduct set out in the Code of Conduct, in the Criminal Risk Prevention Policy and in IDE's other internal regulations.


The person making the complaint may also request a face-to-face meeting with the Regulatory Compliance Committee through the aforementioned form in order to formulate a communication or complaint as indicated above.

Without constituting the preferred form for the submission of complaints and as an alternative to this Ethics Channel of IDE, complaints may be submitted through external complaint channels to the Independent Authority for Whistleblower Protection, to the competent administrative authorities, where appropriate, or to the institutions, bodies and agencies of the European Union.

All complaints received will be entered into a complaints register, assigning each complaint a unique reference number by which it can be identified throughout its processing.


All complaints may be anonymous, i.e. the identification of the person making the complaint is not mandatory but optional.

It is informed that only if the whistleblower or the person making the complaint provide an address, e-mail or safe place to receive notifications, they will be notified of the acknowledgement of receipt with a reference number of the complaint. IDE may request additional information if necessary and keep them informed of the admission or not of the complaint and of the corresponding resolution.

IDE declares that the Ethics Channel complies with the following principles and offers the following guarantees, the specific development of which can be consulted in the Complaints Channel Management Procedure:


  • Maximum confidentiality.
  • Guarantee of the right of defense, presumption of innocence and right to honor.
  • Guarantee of the principle of proof and contradiction.
  • Conflict of interest management.
  • Prohibition of retaliation, including threats and attempts of retaliation.
  • Protection of personal data.

This form must not be used for commercial purposes.


Access the Ethical Channel form from here