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Ethics Channel

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IDE ELECTRIC offers the Ethics Channel to all their employees, customers, suppliers, collaborators and, more extensively, to all individuals and companies with links to the Company.

The Ethics Channel permits any suspected or known breach of the company code of conduct, or the internal rules governing it, or any other legal infringement resulting from the business activity or the people who work for the same to be reported to the Regulatory Compliance Committee in total confidence and safety.

The Ethics Channel can be used in confidence to:

  • Consult any query about the interpretation of the Code of Conduct, or about the applicable legislation and internal regulations to the corporate Regulatory Compliance of IDE.
  • Report breaches of the Code of Conduct, or of the applicable legislation and internal regulations.

Queries and infringement reports should be sent using the following form. All queries and reports will be answered and resolved. However, anonymous queries will not be answered, nor those that have nothing to do with the above.

IDE, in compliance with its internal regulations and throughout the reception, analysis, investigation and resolution of the claim, guarantees maximum confidentiality about the identity of the complainant and the respondent, and the protection of personal data, information security and documentation contained in the complaints sent via the Ethics Channel.

Similarly, it guarantees the indemnity and protection of the complainant against any form or type of occupational, material or economic retaliation as a consequence of the reporting of a complaint in good faith.

Timeframe for the resolution of reports

  • Queries are usually answered within 10 working days from the receipt of the query. Exceptionally, this period may be extended, notifying the enquirer with the due written justification.
  • Reports of infringements will be investigated, aiming to issue a proposed resolution within 45 working days from the receipt of the report.

This form must not be used for commercial purposes.