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Compliance Policy

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IDE Electric fosters a culture of compliance among all its associates, personnel, customers, suppliers, collaborators and other interested parties.

It continues to move forward in the deployment of a Criminal Risk Management and Corporate Compliance System (Compliance), for which communication with the associates, personnel, collaborators, customers, suppliers and other interested parties is essential in order to guarantee professional and commercial performance in line with the company mission, vision, values and commitment, regulatory compliance and risk prevention.

A compliance system in line with the responsible ethical model

As part of the implementation of the criminal risk management and corporate compliance system, IDE’s Board of Governors has approved the Criminal Risk Prevention Policy  and the Code of Conduct as internal regulations for first level compliance. These establish the broad lines for compliance to be introduced into company operations and the activities of all the associates, personnel, collaborators, customers, suppliers and other interested parties.

Compliance Committee

In order to equip the company with the mechanisms required to ensure the regulations, the self-regulation systems, the commitments assumed and the Criminal Risk Prevention and Corporate Compliance Policy are observed, IDE’s Board of Governors has designed and authorised a Regulatory Compliance Committee made up of internal experts and external advisors in regulatory requirements and their adaptation, in the risk management of compliance, and the design of controls, action plans, self-evaluations and checks, in order to ensure the effective compliance of the corporate obligation.

Ethics Channel

In the search for zero tolerance of regulatory breaches, ethical principles and malpractice, IDE has an Ethics Channel.

Associates, personnel, collaborators, customers, suppliers, and other interested parties may use the Ethics Channel to report in confidence any suspicion or knowledge of events or omissions which constitute breaches of the applicable legislation, or irregularities, or non-compliance of the values, guidelines for action or rules of conduct contained in the Code of Conduct and in the Criminal Risk Prevention Policy committed by a member of IDE in the exercise of their duties in the company.


Integrity, responsibility and compliance.