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Code of Conduct

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Since its origins in 1987, IDE has been known for its ethical and professional line of action, following basic criteria of action including: engagement in a sound project, honesty as a basis for professional relations, self-improvement to obtain the best results, team work to reach common goals, and quality in order to obtain excellence.

Key attitudes, which sustained over time have allowed IDE to maintain their reputation in the market and in society as a whole. This desire to maintain a line of ethical, professional and continuously improving line of conduct lies behind the Code of Conduct, whose essential mission is to spread a corporate philosophy among its staff and collaborators, supported by the statement of goals, strategic principles and values included in the Code of Conduct.


The objective of this Code of Conduct is to establish and define the principles and values which must govern IDE’s relations with their interest groups; employees, customers, suppliers, the electricity sector and administrations, establishing guidelines for the professional, ethical and responsible conduct of all these groups, in the development of their business activities.

Scope of application

The IDE Code of Conduct is directed at governors, management and employees, regardless of the position held or the place where they perform their duties. Therefore, the conduct guidelines contained in this code must be observed by everyone at IDE.

In addition, IDE will promote and encourage the formalisation of their commitment to this code of conduct among their suppliers and collaborating companies. Similarly, the application of the code may be extended to any individual or organisation linked to IDE when the company considers it appropriate and the nature of the relation makes this possible.


See our Code of Conduct HERE.