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Sustainable Development

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Development has an economic, social and environmental dimension, and is only sustainable if the right balance is struck between the different factors that impact quality of life.

The current generation is obliged to bequeath sufficient resources to future generations to so that they can enjoy at least the same degree of well-being.

IDE combines three core aspects in order to achieve sustainable development: economic growth (which promotes progress), social cohesion and respect for the environment. Being interrelated, these objectives must be addressed with a strategic and all-encompassing approach.

Economic growth

As a company, IDE contributes to sustainable development, creating wealth and social well-being, increasing the quality of life of people, permanently striving to deliver value to its investments and to the social environment in which it operates, all underpinned by a high degree of environmental protection.

Social cohesion

IDE is an organisation where human relationships depend on a network of internal and external relationships, vital to its survival and prosperity, and the company’s success is based on how these relationships are managed.

  • Clients know full well that they have a reliable supplier and acknowledge the quality of its products and service.
  • Suppliers have a client that buys constantly from them and honours its payment commitments.
  • The electrical sector knows that the company acts in a socially and environmentally responsible fashion.
  • The workers belong to a company they feel proud of, where their contributions are appreciated.

The environment

As defined in the “Code of Governance for a sustainable company”, a company is sustainable when it has satisfactory financial statements and maximises its value, when it is also viable in the short and long term by virtue of its contribution to the sustainable development of its immediate environment and the planet overall, and does so in strict observance of individual and collective human rights.

Business management must be addressed from the standpoint of sustainability, which requires a permanent and balanced search for economic development, environmental protection and social well-being.