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Mission and Vision

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To manufacture and sell electrical enclosures for low-voltage electricity distribution and the telecommunications sector, providing global solutions to the international electricity sector and offering innovative products of the highest quality with excellent service.


To be a leading company in the manufacture and sale of electrical enclosures, reaching anywhere in the world where they are required, providing value, innovation and sustainability.


Commitment: We are consistent in our approach: always trying to improve; making consensual decisions and learning from our mistakes.

Improvement: We are constantly questioning what we do, and we aim to achieve results in an efficient manner. We anticipate situations, and we look to implement creative ideas which enable us to be innovative in a swift and practical fashion.

Honesty: We work with respect, transparency and humility to create trust among those with whom we interact.

Teamwork: We collaborate to achieve common goals, sharing information, knowledge and experiences. We listen and contribute different points of view to improve and obtain the best results.

Quality: We are constantly working to achieve excellence.

Sustainability: We develop our activities under a preventive approach that favours the environment and the well-being of people both now and in the future.

Safety: We prioritise relations with and care for our employees to ensure safe and healthy working conditions.

We inspire reliability, trust and optimism.